It’s winter. Too late for thinking about the roof?

No, it’s not too late.  In some ways, winter is the perfect time to get an understanding of how your roof is working.  Heat loss through the roof, unequal ventilation, and similar problems are easy to detect with the roof covered (fully or partly) by snow.  The cold temperatures also help in detecting condensation and leakage issues in the attic.

Certainly, once the cold weather arrives, it is too late to do asphalt roofing, as that type of product needs the heat of the sun to properly “seal”.  However, metal roofing can be installed year-round, providing proper precautions are taken to protect both the roof and the workers.

If you’re thinking of changing your roof in spring, this is a good time to start doing the research.  Not sure about what SHOULD be considered?  Give me a call and we can arrange an interview.  I will listen and try to understand your needs and priorities, look to see what the actual situation is, and then propose some options.

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