When DIY (do it yourself) is the option because you can’t find anyone to do it for you…

You can use the information in the articles “How to get a good quote for your roof”, and “How to choose a contractor in Quebec”, to get ideas of how to get the right contractor to do your project.  You’ve met the reps from several companies and you’ve had a look at the work being done by the crews.  After watching how they work, you’re left with the uneasy feeling that they are not as professional as the rep was saying.  At the very least, you wouldn’t want them on YOUR roof.

You may also be in a place where getting help is difficult (at a cottage, or on an island).  Maybe the time when you can get access to the job site is not convenient for other people.  Or it is difficult to coordinate your schedule with that of your hired help.  Whatever the reasons, sometimes it’s just simpler to do it yourself – at your own pace, and on your schedule.

If that is your situation, deciding whether a DIY installation is appropriate will require planning things and determining what would be a realistic and do-able scenario.  If you’re not sure, give us a call – there is a process to be followed, and it’s a lot easier when working with someone who’d done this many times before – like us.

Next post:  DIY so that you can learn.

(c) 2014 Paul Grizenko