My name is Paul Grizenko.

I provide consulting services to homeowners, property owners and insurance companies about roofing issues affecting steep-slope residential single-family homes.  I work primarily in the Montreal, Quebec area, and most of my experience is related to steep-slope residential roofs.  Many of the topics discussed in this blog are applicable to other geographic locations, and different types of roofing systems and structures, but I would hesitate providing advice to homeowners in areas which are substantially different from our climate conditions and working environment.

I started my company “Permanent Roofing Systems” in 1996, to manufacture and distribute aluminum roofing shingles.  We bought the equipment to manufacture the shingles from an existing company in BC, and set up our plant in Dorval, Quebec.  Our customers were roofing, siding, and window/door installers who wanted to add a permanent roof offering to their product line.  It quickly became apparent that the quality of the final result had much to do with the quality of the installation, and I spent a lot of time in the field studying the work of experienced installers and understanding the various methods used to install this kind of system.

In 1997, I started PRS Roofing Inc., to be the installation arm of the company.  At the time, we followed the prevailing installation methods used by almost all of our competitors.  Between the experience we gained with our own installations, and doing repairs on metal roofs from other companies, I started to see aspects that could be improved.  This led me to develop new designs for roofing and flashings, and to  apply for (and receive) a USA patent, and a similar Canadian patent  for a family of flashings.  Since 2003, we’ve been also working with homeowners who wanted to do their own roofing installations with aluminum shingles, and have learned which techniques were relatively easy to do for beginners, and which needed considerable support.  We also learned that the product we were manufacturing and installing was not always the best product for the job, and in 2006 added additional products to our offering, which broadened the type of situations we could handle.

We currently install:

  • aluminum shingles,
  • steel granulated shingles,
  • painted steel shingles,
  • steel granulated panels,
  • hidden-fastener vertical steel panels,
  • and asphalt shingles.

We also do other work related to roofs and the exterior building envelope, such as:

  • soffit and fascia work,
  • installation of insulated roofing decks, ventilated roofing decks, and rebuilding of existing roof decks
  • installation or remediation of skylights, chimney covers, vinyl siding, windows flashings, and the like
  • installation of various forms of insulation like fiberglass, mineral wool, and sprayed polyurethane foam,
  • custom metal work and various decorative work on roofs, bay windows, overhangs and dormers

We have worked on residential roofs as low-slope as 1:12, and as steep at 24:12.  We worked on mansards, gambrel roofs, cottage, canadiana, straight gable-to-gable roofs, and elaborate roofs with cupolas, pyramids and eyebrow dormers of various types.

We often get jobs that other roofers abandoned, or screwed up.  Then we undo the damage, carry out the rebuilding, provide the appropriate amounts of ventilation, insulation and deck protection, and install an esthetically-pleasing, and well-performing roofs.  We get requests for consultation – to help the homeowners figure out what they should be looking for in terms of roof repairs and renovation, and in terms of the performance they should expect.  We have been called as expert witnesses in lawsuits where poor performance of the roof system, or hidden defects were found.  And much too often, we get called after significant money has been paid with poor results.

Hence, we offer our services as experts consultants to the residential market in the Montreal area, where we hope to educate the homeowners in terms of what they should be expecting, and asking from their contractors.

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    • I wish there were many like me, but I suspect that there are not. I have had people from the Toronto and London areas contact me for advice for specific issues, but obviously, doing inspections isn’t something that is realistic to do from Montreal. On the other hand, I have given advice on proposed contracts, and given my clients specific guidelines on what to look for when carrying out their own inspections. What is the area of your concern?


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