Getting three quotes is not enough…

When you look up various web sites advocating consumer help or protection, you often get the advice to ask for three quotes.  The idea is that by getting these quotes, you are protecting yourself from contractors that are going to overcharge you, or from contractors who are undercharging because they are unqualified.  This is excellent advice, but it usually doesn’t go far enough.  As always, the really important stuff is in the details (the fine print).  Let’s examine the issues.

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Question to my readers…

When I started this blog, I was hoping to have a conversation with people who had questions about a somewhat esoteric subject (roofing and related subjects) on which there is much misinformation.  Granted, it is not something that is top-of-mind for many, but when it becomes necessary to do something, time is usually not on your side, and there is a lot of pressure to get something done to avoid or prevent further damage.  However, the underlying processes of gradual deterioration have been occurring for a long time before the situation became acute.  The posts in this blog have several purposes:  to share knowledge and experience, to (hopefully) correct misinformation, to educate, and for those people in my service area, to help them resolve issues and concerns.

The question or questions that I put to you, my readers are as follows:

  • What issues about the roof systems do you find confusing?
  • What kind of things would you want to read about more on this blog?
  • What kind of information are you seeking that you’re not finding?
  • What were you looking for when you came across this blog?  Did the information found here help you?
  • What issues would you like to see addressed?

Please note that I will not  make specific product  recommendations, because in general, most of the products on the market are excellent, as long as they are used as intended and are installed by experienced and conscientious workers.  On the other hand, all products are part of a system, and rely on other elements to work properly in order that they do their intended job.  Some systems are designed better than others, and a discussion of how the designs compare is probably within the scope of this blog.

Please use either the Contact Us form, or add your comments to any of the posts or articles that you find interesting.  I look forward to having a meaningful and mutually productive conversation!