Metal roofing -how to choose

Various roof failures, including asphalt shingle blow-off, and premature curling and cracking, has led homeowners to look for more reliable and durable solutions.  As such, people often start asking about metal roofing.

Metal roofing continues to be more and more popular, despite its initial cost, because people are getting tired of having roofs that fail much before their warranties expire.  The metal product offerings come in a dizzying variety of materials, appearances, textures, colours, and performance.  How does one wade through all the sales claims and marketing hype to decide which options are truly the best for you?  It helps to remember that there is no product invented by humans that is truly perfect in every circumstance.  So the exercise is to find the product whose weaknesses are minimized in your particular circumstances, and whose strong points are fully delivered.  It should not be a surprise that proper preparation and installation play a very big role in the final quality of the result.  So let’s examine a selection of products and discuss how their weak (and strong) points should be considered in your selection process.

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Changing from asphalt shingles to metal

The winter surprise

Metal roofs are much better products compared to asphalt shingles when considering durability, performance, and resistance to the weather.  However, one aspect of metal roofs that often surprise new owners is the difference in behaviour during the winter, if the metal is a smooth metal like painted steel, painted aluminum, or native copper.

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#&^!@%$ weather…

I don’t like the new “normal”.  Really.  It might be good for the roofing business, eventually, but it’s getting downright unhealthy.  -20 to -30C temperatures for weeks, followed by +6C this morning.  Wild (90+ kph) wind.  Pretty heavy rain.  Tomorrow’s forecast is for very cold temperatures, allowing all the wet snow to refreeze into blocks of ice.  We “might” escape the freezing rain with its accompanying chaos and power outages, but given Nature’s mood these days, I’m almost expecting a plague of ice-eating locusts.  Better go check my supply of batteries, candles, bottled water and gas for the generator.  Assuming I can hack through the ice to get to it.

No.  I don’t like the weather these days.  On the other hand, it could be Nature’s way of telling us that it’s getting tired of the abuse we seem to heap on it so readily.  If that’s the case, the ride’s going to get wilder.