Links and useful information

This section contains the links to various web sites that allow the verification of information, and are reasonable sources of information in my experience.  I neither endorse or recommend them, but found the information to be useful.

National Building Code (Canada):

Regulatory Agencies (Quebec, Canada)

Regie du Batiment du Quebec (RBQ) registry of license holders:

Office de protection du consommateur (OPC) permits:

To look up whether the GST/HST number is legitimate:

To look up whether the QST/TVQ number is legitimate:

Contractor Associations

APCHQ web-site:

Building Materials

Specifications, brochures, usage information for OSB from APA:

Some discussions about OSB as a building material:

Discussion of wood products for building use:

Articles on venting:

A very good  article on roof venting is found at Fine Homebuilding Magasine (  While the International Residence Code (IRC) is not exactly the same as the National Building Code (of Canada), the principles described in the article certainly apply.

This is an article from the NRC, which has much of the same information as the Fine Homebuilding article above, but is referenced in the NBC for the venting requirements.

Hidden defects:

These are two discussions of the hidden defects legislationin Quebec and how it can affect the home-buying process:

 Asphalt Shingle Warranties (examples):

Below are  links to the warranties from three companies that sell asphalt shingles in Quebec:

 Asphalt Shingle Class Action Lawsuits and related discussions:

In searching for information on asphalt shingle failures, I came across a number of class action lawsuits, and discussions about the same.  Since none of the companies involved admitted to any fault, but decided to settle, it should be noted that the “defect” alleged is and was not proven.

 Asphalt Shingles – market-place results, reviews:

There have been a number of stories in the various media doing reviews and investigations of performance of the asphalt shingles.  A short list of such stories is below.

Homeowner information (not limited to Quebec or Canadian sources):

The link below is from the NRCA (National Roofer Contractor Association), a USA umbrella group for roofing contractors, giving advice to homeowners on various aspects of roofing:

Ice Dams (what they are, how to prevent them)

 Insulation (guidelines, type, approaches)

Most of the information is from USA sources, but is applicable to the Canadian/Quebec experience.

 Ventilation (for roofs, walls, attics, unvented and vented assemblies).

Home improvement shows


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